Wearing all the hats as a small business owner can be daunting. We take the ugly IT function hat from you and wear it with pride. With us you will have a go-to person to talk about strategy for anything IT related. You can count on us if you have a vendor that is not delivering the services you expected, look at your current contracts and make suggestions for renegotiation, create RFPs to hire IT vendors and much more.

Please fill out the sign-up form and we will set up a meeting to go over the on-boarding assessment (Tech-Ray) and will then continue on with the month-to-month support. Let’s get started!


C-Lens Lite Features

  • Vendor Management – We will review vendors on a quarterly basis to make sure they are performing according to Service Level Agreements. We will negotiate rates on your behalf or we will assist in the negotiations.
  • Documentation – We make sure that your IT services are always documented to show the relationship between your business processes and IT systems supporting them. This way, it is easy for you to budget and also add or remove features from your system without creating disruptions.
  • Monthly Statistics – We will help you set up reports for all your IT services and consolidating those reports to link them to your business processes. This way we will be able to show how your IT systems are supporting your business.
  • Quarterly Reviews – We will make observations and suggestions about improvements and will discuss these with you on a quarterly basis. For example, changes in configuration for security reasons or a new application that might help you be more efficient.
  • Yearly Budgets – We will help you create an IT budget based on your growth plans. We will also review vendor bills to ensure that you are not overpaying for services.
  • Training – We will train you or your VA to carry out administrative tasks that have to do with technology. For example, adding products to your E-commerce platform or pulling reports from your CRM. 
  • Continuous Improvement – This involves continuously making observations about elements of your technology in order to prioritize changes and fixes with the end goal of improving how technology supports your business mission.
  • *IT Project Management – Whenever it’s an office move, a new application install or anything else that would be an addition to the system, count on us to manage that particular project at the C-Lens Lite project rate.