Prometheus Layer Eight – EP1

Prometheus Layer Eight – EP1

Introducing Prometheus Layer Eight.

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SCN introduces Layer Eight podcasts. Providing valuable information for IT technicians and executive management to efficiently deliver IT services to internal and external clients. Come along with Greg Sasso and Victor Cora Nazario as they relate stories to facilitate the sharing of their knowledge with the audience.

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Aligning Technology Services with Your Business Goals

Aligning Technology Services with Your Business Goals

Small business owners and their leadership team have a myriad of things to consider when running a company in this current environment. Technology trends change with every tick of the clock and these days, having an online presence also means automatically being considered a global business.

How can business owners and their executive team make the right choices when it comes to selecting technology services that best meet corporate goals, support consumer needs, protect organizational/client intel and create efficiencies to save time and money?

During this facilitated session we discussed:

  • An overview of technology for business
  • The 3 pillars of technology
  • Strategies for selecting the appropriate Apps based on your unique business goals

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