Tech-Ray is Circadian’s Technology Assessment that helps businesses acquire the tools necessary to run their practice without a large out-of-pocket expense for software and hardware.

Business benefits of using Tech-Ray include:

  • Increased efficiencies – Knowing where your data is and avoiding duplications
  • Building systems that use one data set many times
  • Due Diligence – Regulatory compliance, protecting client, employee and organizational data
  • Facilitates alignment of technology needs with business goals
  • Fosters faster turnaround time for project completion
  • Easily search and find organizational standards with policies and procedures
  • Effective way to conduct cost analysis of all systems under or over utilized

Tech-Ray includes the following:

  • Initial Assessment – Assess business goals and the current state of IT systems that support the business.
  • Workflow Mapping – Includes customized questionnaires to map workflows for sales, billing, marketing, time tracking and practice management.
  • Contract Reviews – We will review all IT services contracts and analyze them to identify any possible savings or consolidation of services.
  • Personnel Assessment – We will assess the daily tasks and skills of your IT personnel against the required IT systems.
  • Recommendations – Recommend appropriate systems based on results from Initial Assessment and Workflow Mapping.
  • Deployment – Separate agreement that includes software setup and training of staff for implementation and maintenance.


Tech-Ray Process


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